My Story

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Written By Anthony Sanna (a close friend )
You’ve probably heard the expression “think outside the box”.

Since I was a kid I’ve learned to embrace exactly what it means to not only LIVE outside the box but to ACT outside the box.

So, what does acting outside of the box look like for me?

Steve dragracing

Picture a 30 something-year-old guy with a well-stocked trophy rack earned from street class drag racing competitions.

Picture a networking professional with above average confidence and ability to generate enthusiasm and excitement in using social media marketing to promote your business online.

Picture living in beautiful Victoria BC from a very young age and not being able to go anywhere, and I mean anywhere, without bumping into a friend or making a new one.

Picture a paid public speaker who inspires youth to look beyond their personal and physical limitations to see an abundant life filled with positive people, thoughts & opportunities.

TL 1

Now picture being able to accomplish all of that, and much more, while being in a wheelchair.Make an Impact is where I share my opinions, insights and experiences in an effort to show you how to overcome your own personal and professional challenges. It’s my hope that my in doing so you will learn to move ahead in your life and through your challenges, and do so faster and smarter than I did.

Thank you for taking an interest in my personal and professional blog site. I look forward to building this relationship with you.

~ Steve