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I’m Steve Bertrand. I have cerebral Palsy. I’ve had it all my life. I may sit in a wheelchair but I’ve never let that get in may way. I practice Aikido in my spare time, manage the websites for 350 businesses.

I bring a unique perspective on finding your purpose no matter what curve life throws your way.

My passion is offering local Victoria businesses insights into how to better serve the needs of their accessibility clientele


Tips and Tricks, to help you live your best life.

Keynote Speaking

Do you have an event coming up and need a way to stand out, entertain and educate? Hire us!!

Accessibility Assessments

Check out We Hate Stairs. A site dedicated to making the world more accessibility for anyone with a disability.

You Tube

Check out close too 100 videos, full of free tips and tricks so you can live your best life

The Team

The Team 

Steve Bertrand

Director, Rolling Motivator, and Hand Talker

Tanelle Bolt

Para-skier, Para-surfer, Accessibility Assessment Specialist

Anthony Sanna

Online Marketing Smartypants, Pod Caster

David MacKenzie-Kong

Marketing, Video Editor, Iron Man and Hype Man

My Blog

Setting a different type of goal

Happy #RollingMotivationMonday. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I ALWAYS set monetary goals. Goals that are possessions. IE Cars, Houses, Income. What about setting goals that MEAN SOMETHING TOO YOU? For instance I want to meet Gary Vaynerchuk in person...


Intuition is different than the Chattering Monkey it's that other inner-voice that I believe guides us... I talk about that here. Happy #RollingMotivationMonday | |Twitter: @rmotivation|               Email...

Stress… Just stop! Easier said than done.

I always hated the advice "just stop stressing and deal with the things that you can deal with and don't worry about the other stuff." The fact is that is logical advice it's good advice but it's not that easy! When emotions get involved there's different things that...

What box are you in?

Do you have predetermined criteria that you automatically judge people on or worse people judge you and try and keep you in that box? | |Twitter: @rmotivation|               Email :...

Rollingmotivation! The proof is in the pudding

Happy #RollingMotivationMonday. The proof is in the pudding, meaning if you want people to perceive you differently you need to change your behavior. In this video I tell a story about how a friend didn't believe that I could have a short conversation. When you look...

Writer’s Block?

Happy #RollingMotivationMonday. Here are some quick tips on how to deal with writer's block or creativity block when you trying to come up with video idea or a blog idea for an article that you need to write. |...

Steve has generously given of his time, for a number of years now, to speak with our design students at the Pacific Design Academy about considerations for accessible and inclusive design. This has brought a certain awareness of the challenges that can be faced in what many of us view as mundane or trivial daily tasks – things we take for granted. These liaisons open the door to thought, appreciation and a deeper understanding of what our responsibilities as building designers are, and how many diverse avenues we have to travel to understand the true meaning of good design.

Wendy White

Teacher , Pacific Design Academy

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