First off it has been quite some time since I updated this blog, so I do apologize. The subject I will be covering today is busywork. Busywork is doing things throughout the day that keep you busy, but ultimately do not accomplish a valuable goal. For example: At work you have a project to be done, so you decide that you need to brainstorm your ideas and then you get feedback from colleagues. Now that you come up with this big plan, you want your boss to know that you are doing this project and this is your timeline etc… I agree the example maybe a little far fetched; but I think you get my drift. I want to make it extremely clear that first and foremost I am guilty of this. I am currently searching for my next career and have been known to sit and plan; who I will call, what will I say, once that is together then I call friends and tell them my great plan AND I NEVER APPLY FOR JOBS. So last week a friend called me and gave me tasks to complete, before I could talk to him again! Sounds harsh, right? He was trying to get me to act! Once I did that and then a light came on! DO MORE, THINK LESS. Action gets rewarded with success. I would rather call someone on a whim, screw up and then learn, rather than start thinking to much and never call at all! So before you start working a goal or project; ask yourself “What steps can I take in order too get this done and soon as I can and have a great finished product at the same time?” Here are some tips: 1) Break the project down into daily tasks, give yourself time stamped deadlines for each section. 2) Find a friend or TRUSTED colleague, give them your tasks and deadlines and ask them to hold you accountable (even though you should be able to do that yourself!) 3) Lastly designate some undisturbed time each day, where your phone goes straight to voice-mail, your door is closed, you have gone to the washroom, you have a snack, you have done whatever you need to do; to ensure; focused, efficient and uninterrupted work!