Patience & Timing… How everything seems to work out

Do you find it interesting when we want something and we have a time line that we needed it off it doesn’t show up. However, once we move on and forget about it that thing shows up and it was even better timed then we had originally planned. Patience & Timing go hand in hand  🙂 | |Twitter: @rmotivation|               Email :

30 for 30 WE did it…Thank you!

This is my 30th video in 30 days committing to this a month ago I didn’t think I was going to make so many changes personally and professionally. I’ve gained so much positive reinforcement through this process that I’m excited to see what else I can do. I want to say thank you so much to all of you that watch my videos comment, like, and share without my community of all of you this would not be possible. Thank you all! | |Twitter: @rmotivation|               Email :

Ignore the chattering monkey

Awhile back I did a video, it was actually a Toastmasters speech, on the chattering monkey. That voice in the back of your head that screws with your day. Well, I revisit that topic today in this video. I discuss the best strategy is knowing the chattering monkey is there and just moving forward anyway. | |Twitter: @rmotivation|               Email :

Losing your identity

Losing your identity isn’t talking about losing your wallet and having your identity stolen. It’s about doing something so much that you become consumed by it and it becomes all that you are. It essentially becomes your identity. Make sure that you have balance and you still know personally and professionally who you are so your identity stays intrinsically yours. | |Twitter: @rmotivation|               Email :

Time Vampires

What wastes your time throughout the day? Don’t just think about Facebook and YouTube, think about mindset, think about having to multitask all the time, what about your phone or things you do at work… The list goes on and on. Learn to be aware of YOUR time vampires and you’ll figure out a way to stop them. | |Twitter: @rmotivation|               Email :


Don’t underestimate the power of bad habits

When we start getting into a new routine and we start changing habits and we start seeing positive results it can be hard to recognize when that old have it pops up and wants to sabotage. Just remember that your old habits were there for a long time and have a lot of control over you. Don’t sweat it just recognize that and keep moving forward with a new habit. | |Twitter: @rmotivation|               Email :

What I’ve learned in 20 days!

Two thirds of the way through on my goal of doing 30 videos in 30 days that are no more than 2 minutes long. This video talks about what I’ve learned in the past 20 days and the bonus and benefits you get out of committing to something for 30 days. Not only do you get new skills and abilities you learn more about personal resolve and you overall feel better about yourself | |Twitter: @rmotivation|               Email :