Act as if…

This has been talked about in many forms and labelled many things: Fake ‘till you make it, imagine you are the person now that you want to be in the future. It all boils down to the same thing. I look at “Act as if” as a chance to reinvent myself whenever I choose to. The best part is the reinvention starts in your mind. You start with you programming your thoughts, then that changes your feelings and it is the change in how you feel that makes it all happen. So what I am getting at is, if you want to manage the clothing store you are in or want to become that star athlete, what would they do, think and feel? How hard would they work? Do you want it bad enough? Changes don’t happen over night and mostly importantly that do not always turn out the way you expected them to. However, if you believe enough in the goal and “act as if” everyday you will be one step closer to becoming just that!


I think it is so valuable to set goals. Just remember to keep them attainable and realistic. Well, we all know that sometimes we set goals for a project before we have started it and then once we have started we realize our goals are impossible to reach. So, rather then giving up on the goal; change it! If it is job related it often takes more time than we originally anticipated learning it or succeeding. If you start you own business; there are so many unforeseen complications that business are constantly changing it up! Changing goals is never a bad thing, giving up is the only bad thing you can do.

In order to succeed, you have to want success

I don’t mean “umm ya of course I want success”. What does that mean to you? Maybe you want a nice car, a house, a condo, a certain income level, a family… all of the above. Success is different for everyone and only you know what is right for you. Once you define what success is to you, you have to get excited about it and keep it at the top of your mind all the time. I say this because it is easy to be pumped about goals when others are pumped about their goals as well as yours. The trouble is that the other 95% is not pumped and doesn’t care, or worse they tell you those goals are silly and “only greedy people want those things”. I could go on forever about what the “other people” say, my point is; make your goal(s) so strong in your mind that the “other people” won’t matter. I look at it this way “My goals are so strong, the only way I will not reach them is if I choose not to. I will clear the air right now, you have chosen not to reach your goal because you have set a different goal; it is unacceptable to quit. You have to truly want success and believe in your heart that you deserve it! (You do deserve it)

Easy does not mean poor quality

I always have an issue with this every so often. If I take the easy route I am hurting myself; when the truth is most of the time I over complicate things. Expect easy, anticipate challenge and work hard. It sounds easy right? Well it is! That is my key; I like easy things I think most people do as well. That does not mean you should not challenge yourself? No of course not, it just means find the easiest way to reach your goal. We are challenged all the time, so as long as you can find a way to alleviate some pressure, without sacrificing the desired result. DO IT! Slow and steady win the race; as long as there is progress. The biggest thing to remember is that everything that is hard will become easy. If something is a continuous struggle, then an aspect changed or you are doing something wrong.

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Over the last few weeks I have been training for my new job, it is very refreshing to know that I can cram so much in my brain and have it stay there as well as make sense. The whole process made me realize that stepping (or rolling) out of my comfort is allowing me to grow. I had great support from friends and family which I needed; they had to tell me that all my feelings were normal and will all make sense soon. It looks like they were right. However; as with every adventure on to the next task, the practical application of knowledge.

So step out of your comfort zone, push yourself and love it. Just remember to have support in place and keep it mind that you will look back and laugh at why you stressed out so much.

“Make an impact”


Video killed the radio star!

OK! I admit it, I just wanted to awesome title for tonight’s blog. Most of you who follow me know that, I have started a new job and long story short: super busy, challenging and love it (well most of the time). I am learning that no matter what else I do… I always want to make a point of updating my blog. I truly believe it boils down to when if you want something bad enough and it is your passion you will find time to do it. Now on to the relevancy of the title; I will soon be dabbling into video blogging. I think with our time crunched A.D.D. society, video blogging is the way to go. Now I have a bit to learn about that process so for now you will still see written posts. I really value feedback so please let me know what you prefer; keep in mind that I will do both because I want to cater to as many viewing styles as I can. I also realize that as with my topics I cannot please everyone, but for my loyal mass ( that is growing) I know that without you this would not be as worth my time nor would it be fun and rewarding so thanks.

Please leave a comment regarding your preference: Video, written or maybe audio. I will be experimenting with all forms soon. (I hope 😉

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“Make an impact”