Mulitasking clearly not right for all!

So I get that everyone has to multitask every so often, however, I have learned to avoid it wherever I can. Why? Because I suck at it! I am the type of person that needs to do one thing at a time and get it before I move on; if I try and jump back and forth I tend to end up with everything unfinished. I share this because it is so important to know what type of person you are. If you can multitask and get tons done; that is awesome. So whatever system works for you use it and always work hard!

Make an impact!!

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Get some sleep

This will be short but awesome. It’s about sleep, I love sleep! Don’t get me wrong I love being awake, experiencing life and ripping up my day but wow; I love sleep! I am starting to think that the main reason I love sleep so much is because I don’t 8 hours. I mean look at this for example; it is 11:30pm PST and I am writing on here when I have to get up at 5:30 am. I mean I love this blog, the topics help me too, so I will stay up and write it is simply that I need to make time to sleep better. I know, when I do sleep better I get more done, faster and I feel great.

Go forth count sheep and get some sleep.
Make an impact

Prioritze you day!

I know I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I usually do, but life seems to be taking up more of me lately. Then it hit me! That’s exactly what happens to EVERYONE! So what it simply comes down to is, if want something done bad enough you will get it done. Some will say “It isn’t that simple, I wanna do plenty, but I can’t get everything done” True! So this goes back to “To do lists” There is no way you can accomplish everything if you keep forgetting things. We all have so much on our plate these days, so write it down in order of importance. Then make a point of getting those tasks done as fast as you can. Why? This will allow you to get things done before they become urgent.

Remember you want to get lots done, with the least stress. So don’t go around chasing your tasks. Prioritize and get them done!