What are you avoiding?

Do only do things when they absolutely have to be done?

Do you clean up your apartment only when you know you have guests coming over? 

What about renewing your insurance on your car the day it’s due?

These are all examples of things that I have done and I’m at risk of still doing.  I just don’t like doing them. My formula isn’t perfect but here are the things that help me overcome avoidance behavior.

  • Most of us who avoid things already know what’s going to happen if we procrastinate. The key is to remember that that is what’s going to happen and that will motivate you to actually do the thing.
  • Reward yourself. I know it sounds silly but even the small things tell yourself once I’m done this I can work in my garden, watch Netflix, or whatever suits you.
  • My mother always told me “You bugger around first and then you rush later, just get the task over with and then bugger around!” if you don’t know what the term bugger around means chances are you’re under 35 years of old 🤣.
  • Recognize that you like to avoid things and make a conscious effort to not do it. This will be hard at first but if you work at a daily you’ll notice you procrastinate less and less.

I can guarantee that you’ll never be perfect. Nobody ever has been or EVER will be “Perfect”. Take this blog for example; Someone is reading this post right now and thinking about all the grammatical errors, misuse of words, and typos.

I think about that every time I write and I do the best I can but if I worry about it too much I will never blog. Which is why there’s a two-year Gap between written blog posts on this site.

I had too many people tell me about all my errors and instead of just fixing them I’m moving on I avoided writing blog posts for fear of judgment. Guess what? It’s not that scary to screw up. When people tell you what you did wrong just fix it and you get the heck on with your day!


5 things I would have done differently in the last 5 years

  1.  I wouldn’t have worried about my “Purpose.”  Seriously, everyone seems to be talking about “finding your purpose” and “If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life”. This is great if you find that but for me, it drove me BAT S*** CRAZY!  In Tools of Titans  Tim Ferriss talks to James Altucher and James dropped these two gems “Haven’t Found Your Overarching, Single Purpose? Maybe You Don’t Have To.”
    “Forget purpose. It’s okay to be happy without one. The quest for a single purpose has ruined many lives.”
  2. I would have blogged more without worrying about the length, SEO, or Google Algorithm. I mean Seth Godin writes daily posts of 50-80 words total with the longest I found was 290 for Sunday Circular. He was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame in 2017. ( I didn’t even know there was one, until today!)
  3. I would have spent more time Accepting my Cerebral Palsy instead of fighting against and then beating myself up for not being about “power through”.
  4. I wouldn’t have hounded my dad about drinking and smoking and just enjoyed his company and wisdom. My Dad is 65 and works 7 days a week doing drywall. He has smoked cigarettes since he was 15. He also enjoys a few rum and cokes after work, every day.  I used to pester him to stop drinking and smoking and give up his bad habits. Now the story is different. I now realize WE ALL have bad habits, and these are his. Recently, I have been having deeper conversations with him about life, work, and cars (Our shared passion, is cars). I feel closer to him than ever before.
  5. I would have enjoyed more moments. In the past, I was far more concerned with the end result then I was the journey.  Both personally and professionally.