Write it, Burn it and Get clear

OK! So those who know me are aware I am all about “positive thought”, “finding the lesson in everything” and “giving to receive”. I don’t talk about my vision board, my daily affirmations and some of the other quirky things I do on a regular basis. In this case I have a story to tell. I was recently re-reading the attractor factor by Dr. Joe Vitale (such an awesome book) in the book he talks about getting clear…

Now it speaks of it in terms of getting clear so you can have, do or be whatever you want. His tip comes from Bob Procter, take two sheets of paper of the first one write all things you don’t like about life, and feel the feelings or that sorrow or frustration etc. Second sheet write the way you want things to be. Lastly and most important is to burn the first piece of paper; literally burn it. I put mine in a pot on the stove, took a lighter and went to town. Now I don’t know how it works, all I know is that I watched that paper with all the bad things on it go up in smoke and within two hours I noticed big changes.