Can I feel good all the time ?

I truly believe the answer is “YES!” Now let me clarify that this doesn’t mean “I do feel good all the time”

The fact is I feel crappy sometimes because of what I do, what I eat, who I am around and how I perceive things.
I know we all know people who are happy everyday, some we think are faking it, others we know are faking it and then there is the mental elite that are happy all the time.

How can this be?
Here is what I believe makes someone happy all the time:
1) Get enough sleep
2) Eat right (this doesn’t mean, go crazy. just be sensible and moderate)
3) Workout everyday, even 10-15 minutes of stretching will make a remarkable difference. (George Burns lived to 100, and according to an interview he had late in life said stretching was a daily activity)
4) Get outside, rain or shine… we need fresh air.. wheeling, walking, jogging etc are great forms of low impact daily exercise that energizes you.
5) Surround yourself with great people. Those who have a great outlook will automatically influence you.
6) Limit your exposure to negative people and events. Just because someone has been your friend since you were kids, doesn’t obligate you to spend tons of time with them. The news is packed with tragedy from beginning to end; my advice is to watch only enough to know what is going on.
7) Plan your day the night before. Set goals, block off certain times to accomplish your tasks etc.

8) Visualize. This goes with the above tip. Take a few minutes as your head is hitting your pillow to picture those tasks and your day, going exactly how you want them to.

9) Make a choice, Positive or Negative. Who do you want to be?
10) Turn this into something good… Find the lesson in everything and learn from it.

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to happiness 24/7