World Cerebral Palsy Day! (Oct 6th)


I am 38 years old with Cerebral Palsy since birth and was born three months premature. there were two contributing factors that resulted in me having CP. 1. A lack of oxygen due to underdeveloped lungs, I spent nine weeks in an incubator because I stopped breathing multiple times. The second factor was trauma to the head caused by being pulled out with forceps.

Happy World Cerebral Palsy Day! (Oct 6th)

Taken from BC Cerebral Palsy Website.
World Cerebral Palsy Day is a global movement of people with Cerebral Palsy and their families, and the organizations that support them, in more than 60 countries. The day is an opportunity to celebrate, raise awareness, and take action to ensure that people with CP have the same rights, access, and opportunity as anyone else in their communities.

According to the CDC website.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. CP is the most common motor disability in childhood. Cerebral means having to do with the brain. Palsy means weakness or problems with using the muscles. CP is caused by abnormal brain development or damage to the developing brain that affects a person’s ability to control his or her muscles.

So what does this mean?

The short answer is: Having Cerebral Palsy sucks!
Understandably that’s not the point of world Cerebral Palsy day. The day exists to raise awareness and raise money for things that help research and whatnot. As well as a fight for equal rights and access for those with CP.

I feel like it has to be said as an individual that lives with and “deals with “ Cerebral Palsy on a regular basis, IT PLAIN SUCKS!

  • I deal with pain daily basis.
  • Accessibility issues.
  • Employment/job application struggles and accommodations within that job.
  • People asking me dumb questions.
  • I deal with prejudice

….and so on!

However, for every struggle many things that make me grateful for all the struggles that I have been through.

  • I have developed a critical thinking/solution-based mind that allows me to navigate life and its problems with a completely different lens.
  • Growing up in a wheelchair forced me.to develop my verbal communication skills at a young age. I had to be able to ask for what I needed and be able to express myself in a way that gave me the support I needed throughout my day.
  • It forced me to develop multiple skills in order to compete in the job market.
  • Having CP taught to deal with regret at an early age which allowed me to get used to it.
  • Not to mention all that rejection, Wowza did it make me stronger.

Here a link to learn more Steve.

Here’s the final truth even though I can find the positives with Cerebral Palsy all the struggles are continuous. As I get older they seem to be more and more.

This doesn’t mean that I give up, it means I keep pushing forward ( pun intended).  One thing that I  can guarantee you one thing I am not as happy in my life I appear to be to the outside world both in person and on social media. 

I have to ask myself does that really have anything to do with Cerebral Palsy at all or is that the plight of being a human being?

5 things I would have done differently in the last 5 years

  1.  I wouldn’t have worried about my “Purpose.”  Seriously, everyone seems to be talking about “finding your purpose” and “If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life”. This is great if you find that but for me, it drove me BAT S*** CRAZY!  In Tools of Titans  Tim Ferriss talks to James Altucher and James dropped these two gems “Haven’t Found Your Overarching, Single Purpose? Maybe You Don’t Have To.”
    “Forget purpose. It’s okay to be happy without one. The quest for a single purpose has ruined many lives.”
  2. I would have blogged more without worrying about the length, SEO, or Google Algorithm. I mean Seth Godin writes daily posts of 50-80 words total with the longest I found was 290 for Sunday Circular. He was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame in 2017. ( I didn’t even know there was one, until today!)
  3. I would have spent more time Accepting my Cerebral Palsy instead of fighting against and then beating myself up for not being about “power through”.
  4. I wouldn’t have hounded my dad about drinking and smoking and just enjoyed his company and wisdom. My Dad is 65 and works 7 days a week doing drywall. He has smoked cigarettes since he was 15. He also enjoys a few rum and cokes after work, every day.  I used to pester him to stop drinking and smoking and give up his bad habits. Now the story is different. I now realize WE ALL have bad habits, and these are his. Recently, I have been having deeper conversations with him about life, work, and cars (Our shared passion, is cars). I feel closer to him than ever before.
  5. I would have enjoyed more moments. In the past, I was far more concerned with the end result then I was the journey.  Both personally and professionally.

Disabilities Lead to Business Success

We Hate Stairs is a very focused website it was created and is focused on helping our society become more accessible for those with disabilities and mobility issues.

I will admit right off the bat, that I speak from my own experience of being born with Cerebral Palsy and using and manual wheelchair to get around. I have full sensation and I am blessed to be able to walk with an assertive device for short periods of time. I also drive a car and live independently.

I created this website and my business of Accessibility Consultation out of necessity. I have been involved in the business world through many previous jobs as well as many previous attempts at being an entrepreneur. I am constantly meeting new people and discovering new businesses. A surprising amount of these businesses are not accessible, meaning I cannot even enter the building!

This both frustrated and intrigued me. It was at this point I looked at some of the reasons a business may not be accessible.

Awareness, meaning a lot of have no clue what it is like to be disabled in society and more importantly accessibility for all means more than what “building codes” address!
I don’t know what needs to be done to be more accessible, meaning what changes will I need to make as a business?
The last and I believe the BIGGEST reason for a lack of accessibility, is MONEY! There I said it! I know there will be people out there that will disagree and they will go as far as to argue with me on this point. ( I have been in many debates about the subject of accessibility ). However, when I explain to business owners that people with disabilities have money to spend AND WANT TO SPEND IT IN YOUR BUSINESS, it changes the conversations greatly. I actually use math and tangible numbers to illustrate my point How we help.
It is not just money from business owners that will cure this issue the governments and municipalities need to make accessibility a priority, not only in terms of the customers of businesses but for potential employees as well.

About 25 per cent of British Columbians have a university degree.
In comparison, 17 percent of people with a disability have a university
degree while 33 percent have a non-university post-secondary certificate.

Source: Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics, 2011, Statistics Canada

The employment rate for people with disabilities is 18 percentage points
lower than for people without a disability.

Source: Participation and Activity Limitation Survey, 2006, Statistics Canada

What these above stats don’t mention, is that most people with a disability enjoy routine in their working environment so businesses that hire someone with a disability will have less turnover.

Do whatever you want!

RollingMotivationMonday this video explains a little more about why do videos. And it’s not my intention to tell you what to do it’s my intention to document the things that I go through and some tips that I have. If these tips are relevant to you use them if not great. But do whatever you want to do with your life and be whoever you want to be.

Stress… Just stop! Easier said than done.

I always hated the advice “just stop stressing and deal with the things that you can deal with and don’t worry about the other stuff.” The fact is that is logical advice it’s good advice but it’s not that easy! When emotions get involved there’s different things that we have to deal with as well as many different others factors to consider. It’s not that easy to just stop stressing.

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Rollingmotivation! The proof is in the pudding

Happy #RollingMotivationMonday. The proof is in the pudding, meaning if you want people to perceive you differently you need to change your behavior. In this video I tell a story about how a friend didn’t believe that I could have a short conversation. When you look at the facts I’ve never had a short conversation with her. So if I want to change that I have to change what she sees. In essence I have to prove that I can change the behavior.

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