Trusted friends and advisors

I talk a lot about trusted friends and advisors what I mean by that is if you have a mentor or a really good friend that gives you good advice but you are chattering monkey is stopping you from believing it. Push through that and trust them. You usually take their advice for a reason and if that’s the case they are probably right.

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Dating, how to find the one you want!

This post is intended to bring attention to the selection process and hopefully help you understand yourself more within the whole process. Dating, how to find the one you want (or at least get a lot closer). This may seem harsh, but if you meet someone who seems like they are possible boyfriend/girlfriend potential; step away and look at the whole relationship dynamic as an outside observer.

For example, if you meet someone in the military you have to know that they will be going away a lot and will most likely have to move around. If you meet someone who has a son or daughter, you will learn quickly that you are not the most important person in their life; that spot is reserved for their son or daughter (If this is not the case I personally see that as a big red flag).

If you are dating someone in a wheelchair (I use a manual wheelchair full-time), so therefore will be slower in certain aspects of my daily life, there are places that are not accessible and there may be physical complications.

Now, I am in no way suggesting that you have a written list and whip it out at your first meet up. Simply be aware of what you want and as you get to know each other you will both figure out if you are a fit.

I think we can all agree that everyone has issues and we all deal with them in different ways. Now I am not telling you to avoid dating the above mentioned, I am simply saying, take an objective look at the facts. Some things may be “deal breakers” others you may be able to live with. Make the decisions earlier rather than later…Before you get too attached.

Here are some of my guidelines for Dating:

1) Know what you want in a partner
2) If they aren’t it, don’t settle
3) Identify your “deal breakers” and what you are willing to be more flexible with.
4) Never sacrifice yourself for someone else