Are you a high contact person?

Maybe you or someone close to you is a high contact person. This means they have a high social tolerance and like to be in contact with people, on a very regular basis. I am one of these people, I care deeply about my family and friends, so I like to talk and text often. I have many friends that have known me for so long that they they know this is how I am. If they don’t want to talk or interact they simply do not pick up the phone.

Where this can be an issue is with new people, people that don’t know me well or people that simply are not as social.

What can you do to sure you don’t alienate people by being this way?

  1. Be conscious, simply be aware but you tend to want to talk a lot and share so stop yourself!
  2. Tell the other people, that you are high contact so they are not surprised and sometimes will even help you stop being that way with them.
  3. distract yourself find other things to do productive things if you’ve already contacted a certain individual once in the day know that they probably don’t want to hear from you again.
  4. Acceptance know who and what you are, deep down if your a good person and mean no harm people won’t care.
Thanks for reading!