Learn to love new challenges

I have recently shifted my attention to a new challenge. The Challenge of my new job. I got worried about the numbers, I got worried about all the information in the training; but the fact is I have no reason to worry about anything. It is simply a challenge, in a few months I will look and say “what the heck was I so worried about?” We all have had experiences like that in the past. So speed time up, in a sense and treat it like you are past this. If you can learn to love challenges nothing can stop you.

Here is what I suggest:

1) With new challenges comes growth mentally and emotionally; because you have to be stronger than you used to be to take on the tough stuff.
2) Get pumped that this challenge would stop a good portion of other people, most would give up or complain the whole time.
3) Think of more than yourself. You will learn more and grow, which allows you to pass that knowledge on to others. Also, for example with my new job I think of the value I will give others by doing this.

Think of challenges that way and you will no doubt “Make an impact”

Opportunity does not always look like opportunity

Today I started a new job doing inside sales. I am just training right now, but today was great and every contact I have with my new boss and company is better than the last.
Enough about me though. The point is I took a job for the last 6 months selling marketing services to businesses; anything from website design, SEO, printing and marketing plans.
I took that job with no experience in the industry or area. I took it to get out of my comfort zone, hopefully make lots of money, and gain experience. Well I certainly got out of my comfort zone and gained great experience; 2 out of 3 ain’t bad 🙂
So weigh your options and take a look at all the benefits of something before you make a choice to take it or leave it; because even though something may not meet your goals now it may be a stepping stone that gives you that extra something you need land that great job opportunity.

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Teach someone all your mistakes

Everyone tells you to learn from other people’s mistakes. So why can’t you help others skip some steps. I believe that 90% of of our knowledge and wisdom comes from our mistakes. The other 10% we are taught or learn through conventional ways.
After all, that is what I do with these posts I am merely giving you advice so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. I love doing it! I love to help! I have recently decided to mentor a guy that I know and most of what I will be doing is telling him what I went through and how to avoid those mistakes. Don’t get me wrong I am not try to help everyone get through life with bumps and bruises, I am just trying to give people another viewpoint.

There is great value in making your own mistakes and learning, but their is also great value in learning from others.

Thanks for reading.

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“Make an impact”

You need someone to yell at you every once in a while

I know at first glance it sounds funny, but I think people need a kick in the butt every once in a while. I have a great group of friends I feel very blessed to have them all, but there is one in particular that I always can count on to straighten me out if I am in need of it. If I am in doubt of my skills, abilities or over thinking things he is there to make me get into action. Now don’t get the wrong idea he is a great friend and we have a strong friendship, he just understands that I need a little tough love now and then.
So I hope you all find that one person who is not afraid to speak their mind. Just be sure they do so with respect and with your best interests at heart.

“Make an impact”

I feel bad to know this…

So many people let others change their mind or make their choices. I would like to say I am surprised at this but sadly I see it all the time when parents with “help” their kids (adult kids, at that). I mostly see this with Network marketing. I will touch on Network Marketing at a later date. Point is people put others on a pedestal and they value their opinion. Valuing opinions is great; putting people on a pedestal is not.
If they are on a pedestal, they take your power; you tend to value their opinion over your own. People need to look at the outcome they want and only take advice from people who have achieved that outcome. This will help make sure that emotion is not swaying your decision. Everyone lacks confidence here and there, just ask yourself has anyone else done this; because then you give yourself the answers you truly seek.


I have been noticing, that society seems to be obsessed with one of the 5 “W’s” Why?
Everyone wants to know the answers to everything. Why do we get sick? Why did my friend get cancer? Why do I work so hard and get nowhere, while others coast through life? Ok, those are just examples but the point is; sometimes things just happen. Don’t get me wrong, certain things have a simple cause and effect, but something’s can not be explained and nor should we try and find that explanation. I have a strong belief that our obsession with needing to know why helps us avoid the thought of the inevitable. I think a lot of people would like to know ‘why’ so they can “prevent” things from happening to them. Well there are things we can do to help us live longer, be healthier and have a better quality of life; but no one is immortal. I encourage people to use the information we have as a guide and do what works and feels right. Enjoy living life, breath in every moment and love it all. I wrote this post to everyone (including myself) as a reminder to live life to the fullest everyday.

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Get a hobby

I have written about wheelchair rugby before, but I also play wheelchair basketball and I am a member of the local drag racing club. I have met so many wonderful people and made great connections. I love organized sports and groups they are great way to meet people that have common interests. They are also very much fun. I have made some great friends and I found my financial adviser. So if you need something to do, or you want to meet new people join a sport, class or group.

Make an impact

Good Advice

I got great advice from a friend today. Come to think of it I always get good advice from him and other close friends. Why? I believe it is because I look for it. I also give advice, I am happy when people get value from that advice. All advice should be given and taken with the understanding that it is simply a point of view based on one person’s experience. It is up to you to whether you take all, some or none of the advice; it all depends on how relevant you feel it is. The best advice I can give on “advice” is to do your best to step outside the situation and judge it as a third party; take your emotions out of it. If you are able to judge your own situation with little or no emotion, this is not only a sign of maturity but it allows you to make the best choice.

Thanks for reading.
“Make an impact”

Motivating others

I had someone ask me how to motivate others. This is a subject we all struggle with. I used to have enough trouble motivating myself, let alone trying to motivate others. Well I have clearly been able to that because I found my passion. I found what I would do for free and I love it. I love helping people and seeing them succeed in every area.

Having said that you need to find people with reasons to succeed. Reasons to change their lives, reasons to put in those extra hours and work hard, you have to make goals attainable and believable; if they don’t have the reasons help them find the reasons. Above everything else people see and feel your passion. “Help enough people get everything they want and you can have everything you want” ~ Zig Ziglar

People will do unbelievable things if they want to and feel they are making a positive difference. So help people see their success, set small goals, achieve them and set new ones. Every goal should be reachable; however all goals need to stretch people. Make people better and better and better. Don’t worry about time lines, worry about them.

So be the path to people’s dreams and you will have huge success.

Self Education

I believe in education with every fibre of my being. I believe that every form of education has its place. I will be honest; it bothers me when people get a degree for the sake of getting a degree. It goes back to having goals and having a desired outcome. I mean the experience of going to school can change people; you can make great connections etc. I personally have a hard time, with say… working at Starbucks before you go to school spending crap-loads of money then getting your degree and working back at Starbucks because there are no jobs in your field or worst yet, your degree doesn’t make you more employable. Most decent employers would like you to have a degree so they know you can learn and are coach-able etc, but how do you help that whole process? Self Education! Read books, read blogs, listen to audio, go to seminars, go outside of the realm of structured classes and take advice from those, who have so much to give and teach. I will never consider myself to be the smartest guys on planet, but what I have done and still do is soak up knowledge wherever and from whoever I can. There are books published on every single subject imaginable, you can even go on the internet and learn a basic understanding of pretty much anything. I will always have contact with someone who is well versed in that area; so I can ask questions, clarify and learn from their experiences.

Go forth and get an education from the one person who knows you better than anyone, yourself!