Can we truly be friends with the opposite sex?

Hello all! I am answering the above question from my viewpoint. So…Can we truly be friends with the opposite sex? Now when I talk about “friends” I am not just talking in terms of Facebook, Work or Members of social groups; of course in these cases the answer is YES! I am speaking in terms of true, deep and valuable friendship, the kind where you can confide in that person and they can do the same in you. They are a support, a motivator and most important they are someone you can count on. I have many friends, some have come and gone and some are acquaintances, but I have been blessed to have truly meaningful, genuine relationships with both men and women. Can we truly be friends with the opposite sex? YES! What needs to be done to make this work? 1. Come from a place of genuine care and concern for the other person. When you can truly be happy for them, regardless of your OWN circumstances! (Swallow your pride and be there for him/her) 2. Sexual tension will always cloud judgement, so get it under control,; have an open and honest conversation and establish boundaries. (if this cannot be done, walk away from that person). 3. Understand that regardless of who it is, men and women process things in entirely different ways. Remember that! DON’T BE A JERK! This subject is the same as everything else in life, it takes commitment, effort and communication.