Mini Goals

Hello all,
You will find a lot of posts on goals and goal setting. I have talked many times about the power of goal setting. I believe it is great to have 5 and 10 years goals, life goals, family goals, career goals etc. Let’s face it, in order to reach those bigger goals we must take smaller steps to get to them. I like mini goals, those goals that you set for 3 months, 1 month, 1 week out etc. These mini goals should still move you forward and they are always set and achieved with the intention of reaching the bigger goals.

Example: Big goal: I want to buy a house in 5 years. Your first goal should be to get a job if you don’t have one. Then you need to research housing prices, living costs and what you need to qualify for a mortgage. Then work your way to that down payment, that income level or maybe improving your credit.

I will touch on an excellent way to increase your chances of achieving your goals very soon.
Until then “Make an impact”

I have to give recognition to my long time friend Til, she called them mini goals and inspired this post.


This is a subject that does not come up very often… I mean be honest, it is not really dinner conversation or something you talk about at the club. Some people say that forgiveness is more for the individual who is being forgiven, while others say it is for you. The answer? YES and YES. I fully believe that when you forgive, it benefits both parties. If you forgive someone the other person feels better and you give yourself an opportunity to possibly repair or simply build that relationship. Then you ask “well what is the benefit if I never want to associate with this person again?” That is your choice, but if you forgive before you disassociate, then you are letting go of those bad feelings, the tension and the hate.
All of the above are benefits.

The formula to easily forgive:
1) Stop being selfish, understand that the other person has issue and they lash out of do something because of their situation.

2) If you hold on to a grudge it will take a lot of energy (mental energy) you will get caught up in thought and give your personal power away.

3) Find the good, no matter who this person is or what they have done, they have good qualities… if not, then just forgive them to get the hate out and make room for love and compassion.

4) Talk it out, but mostly listen… ask questions and get genuinely interested; sometimes all someone needs is to be heard.

Thanks and “Make an Impact”

Try and do everything

Some people are going to think I am nuts. “I can’t possibly do everything there is too much” I believe that you can and should get everything done that you can in the time allotted. The reason I say this with conviction is because, the more you do, the more you get done. I mean when you are busy (not super busy, busy enough to push your limits) you have no time to complain or over think. There was a social media group gathering that I attended tonight and I am happy I did… I was late meeting my friends for wings, but I was able to do both and I feel that I am better off for it. You have to follow your instinct, but often times if you drag yourself out to a gathering, you’ll be glad you went, who knows you may end up meeting someone there that can help you with you job, a project, or they may give you a different view on something you have been dealing with.

The point is I always end up meeting someone somewhere seemingly right when I need it.
Do your best and “Make an impact”

Thinking Hurts!

I love the name of this post…its funny right? It’s also very true… I have been working hard on thinking less and doing more. I mean is goes with out saying that you need to think things through before you make a choice, but many of us(myself included) think waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much about stuff. I often do not act when I should; this has cost me sales opportunities, jobs and generally frustrated me. So many people give themselves great credit, when they spend a large amount of time coming up with a solution to a problem, or an idea; but the fact is they suffer from paralysis by analysis. Now your argument could be “well have you seen those guys that just do stuff? They are crazy and sometimes, their solution is crap and it makes things worse.” True but that is only sometimes, often they are done one task and on to the next one, while others are still deliberating.

Don’t stop thinking, just take more action!

It’s important to party!

Over the last few days I had been feeling less then 100%, I had crazy headaches off and on throughout the day yesterday. I usually am quite aware of what is going on with my body. In this instance, however, I had no clue… I took Advil, I napped, I drank lots of water, I ate fairly healthy and nothing worked. So later that day I finally I muster the strength to go to a local networking event in the city that I was invited to. When I got there, I was still feeling like crap, but like my mother always says “you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve”; so I did my best to mask my ill health. Shortly after I arrived I starting mingling, sampled food and had a few drinks. I left that event feeling great and was on my way home, when I saw friends of mine in a local nightclub. I told myself I was only going to join them for a little while (after all it was a week night). After being with close friends and around great energy, I started to feel great. Of course I can feel great when I am out with friends, right? Yes that is true, but the good feelings carried on through today, I started early and finishing up late. So clearly for me I was stressed and I need that good time out, in order to clear my head.

The moral is all work and no play makes everyone unhappy. As with everything the contrast is also true, all play and no work is not good either. When you work, work hard and when you are having time alone, enjoy it.

I am not telling people that they need to party more often, it is simply put that often times a care-free night with friends, is the best thing you can do if you are feeling and negative, down or stressed. As always asses your situation and do your best to figure out what you need.

If you keep a healthy balance in life, you are light years ahead of “most” people

Making Real Connections

I always thought that the best way to get people to “buy in” or connect with me was to have a 30-45 second pitch and make sure it was perfect. Whether it was network marketing (I will touch on this topic in later posts), any job that I have worked at or even when looking for work; I would work on my pitch until it was perfect. I could go up to anyone who would listen and really zing ’em, or so I thought. What I didn’t realize in my quest for “the perfect pitch” is people would tune me out. Why? It’s simply because people can smell, feel and hear a sales pitch from a mile away. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to have your facts straight, be confident and get to the point; but you can do that without a written routine. If you are passionate about what you do or at least passionate about part of what you do; talk about that and the feelings you have. People will connect way faster and on a much deeper level if the know that you are sincere. The only way to be perceived as a sincere individual is to be sincere. Sounds easy right? It is! So get to it and “Make an Impact”

To Do Lists

I can’t believe how much more I get done in a day when I have a list. I spoke a short time ago about the power of writing down goals. “To Do Lists” are used daily to help you get more done.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of “To Do Lists”:
1) It forces you to look at your day in a big picture view.
2) You organize your tasks to fit with your schedule.
3) You will get more done.
4) You will be less likely to forget something.
5) You get a sense of accomplishment when you finish something…and celebrate!

It is very important to get the biggest thing out of the way early, because then the day gets easier and the easier things get the happier you are. Everyone knows when we are happy, we are more effective and focused. Also it is very important too celebrate getting things done for the same reason. A celebration can be anything that makes you happy; it should be proportionate to the task, however.

Have fun with this and really rip through day(s).

Make an impact!!


This is a short but important post. Giving is the foundation for all that we are and all that we receive. We give to others so others give to us. I am not saying you should give with the intention of receiving because that becomes an exchange. A gift should be given to help the recipient, either feel better, or improve in some way. Giving makes me feel good; knowing that this blog/website has the potential to help many people is my reward. I know how much tips like these helped my get to where I am and I want to pass on my own knowledge to help others. It is a well known fact that if you give without expectations, you will receive more then you gave, in return. My goal is to educate others and to be honest I enjoy every minute off it. Through my helping others and giving. I must trust that I will be provided with everything I want and desire. So enjoy giving…gifts, warm wishes, good advice and your time; I promise you and the world will be better for it!

Go with your gut!

I think one of the most overlooked and underrated human attributes is intuition. I have just recently been able to trust my intuition on a regular basis. I know that may sound weird, but previously my mind was my main decision maker. I am not saying that I no longer think. I am merely saying, if I get a feeling in my gut to call a certain person or to go into a store I pass by then I do; I still use my brain just as much. Eckhart Tolle tells us that if we experience feelings that are different from our thoughts, then the thought is the lie and the feeling is the truth. Everyone knows that if we over think something, generally when it comes time to execute, we either freeze up or mess up because our thoughts have prepared us for a different outcome.

Again this post is not telling you to stop thinking, it is telling you to trust your intuition more and to combine it with logical thought.


In life balance is the most important key. In today’s world we all are going not-stop. Most of us who want to make a lot of money or do well at our job so we spend so much time and focus on work it is not healthy. Others do not have a lot of money but have great relationships with family and friends. So how do you balance everything?

1) Use work as an avenue to live the kind of “lifestyle you want to live, nothing more. Enjoy work, but know that it is a means to and end.
2) Have an ongoing, open dialog with family and work in order to let them know the importance of each.
3) Get enough rest, eat right and exercise. This will give you more energy to get more done in a day.
4) Then just like you set a schedule and make appointments at work, do so with family and friends. It will seem weird at first but it works and makes sense.

I will revisit this topic because I think it is the key to a happy life.