Take the initiative

What do you think of my catchy title. Take the initiative!

Pretty self explanatory right? Wrong!!!…Well at least in my view. Let me explain.  If you are at all like me, you are into improving you life consistently over time.  Slow and steady wins the race, as they say.

If you are into personal growth, you read books, watch videos, go to seminars, talk to coaches; the list is endless. Along the way you hear a lot of “buzz words” industry jargon used by people to stick in your mind. The trouble I have sometimes is I hear a word or phrase and I either think “What the Hell does that mean or “How the hell do I apply it in order improve my life?” Fear not I have a solution 🙂

The phrase that has been running through my head today is “take the initiative” and to be honest I have been want to address this for quite some time , why? Because when I was an employee  taking initiative made sense .  Example: Doing something (without be asked ) that will help your team, the company you work for and impress your boss.

However, I have always struggled with how and why I should take initiative in my personal and/or entrepreneurial  life.

Bonuses for taking initiative in your

Personal Life

  • You get a a head of the rush. If you have a decent sized to-do list, the longer you procrastinate, the less time you have to get it done and you would be rush trying accomplish everything and your accuracy and quality will suffer.
  • You feel less stressed out. You have given yourself plenty of time to complete things and they become more enjoyable
  • You feel as sense of accomplishment and pride, because you are done things early and it will motivate you do keep attaining those same results

Business or  entrepreneurship

  • All three from above apply!
  • If you take initiative, you will thrive off that energy
  • You avoid the mental game “what if” or “if I had only” this is self inflicted torture 😉
  •   You set an good example for others. and most likely motivate them to do better and be better.

I hope that helps you take initiative, and reap the rewards.

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5 tips to help you get refocused at ANYTIME!

Hey there, given the time of year it feels like this topic is fitting. I myself have been living in a bit of chaos lately. Here are my 5 tips to help you get refocused at ANYTIME! With the We Hate Stairs and making calls for a local financial advisor and then working Enrollment Resources as a business liaison I have been very busy. Not to mention I still find time to workout in the gym 2-3 a week, meditate almost everyday (at least I am honest, haha) and I also started Aikido a few months back.
I know what you’re thinking as usual I start off my post telling you all the things I am doing, right?
They sound like excuses, right? Well in a way they are! I don’t see it that way, but I could use all the above activities as excuses for a lot of things but instead I have decided to do a little mini series of 5 quick tips to improve different areas of your life with measurable results!

5 tips to help you get refocused at ANYTIME!

  1. Make lists! Not just to-do lists, make a have done list (so you can see your progress), also a list of all great people and things you have (this will refresh your view on life)
  2. Find a balance point in Aikido we are taught to connect with people and find their balance points in order to shift and move them. Find that point for you and make a move!
  3. Get a good night’s sleep, 7 nights a week! ( I mention this so much because I struggle with it) I often short change myself during the week and on the weekend I waste my days sleeping.
  4. Good nutrition, Fruits and Veggies, drink lots of water make sure to eat enough throughout the day, but do not over eat. Listen to your own body and do what is right for you! If need be, consult a nutritionist or doctor to help.
  5. Go back to what worked, there is a saying I always liked “dance with who brung ya” meaning if something is working don’t change it and if it is not working go back to what was! Remember that we have all had points in our lives where everything was going great and you were seemingly unstoppable. Take a hard look at what you were doing, who you were around etc. and hit the rest button!