Lights Out at 10: A 41-Year-Old’s Quest for Sleep (and Sanity!)

Tick-tock, tick-tock… goes the clock, reminding me yet again that it’s well past midnight and my eyelids are doing the dance of exhaustion. As a 41-year-old with three wee pals (and a very full life!), let’s just say my sleep schedule has become a distant memory. But enough is enough! I’m embarking on a mission to reclaim my nights, and you’re invited to join me on the journey!

Starting tonight, February 25th, 2024, I’m declaring war on late nights. My new battle cry? Lights out by 10:00 p.m., no exceptions. This might seem drastic, but let’s be honest, my current sleep habits are about as healthy as a three-day-old pizza. It’s time to trade the late-night scrolling for some much-needed shut-eye.

But this isn’t just about catching some Zzz’s (although those are definitely important!). I’m on a quest to uncover the true benefits of a consistent sleep schedule. Will I finally have the energy to keep up with my kids without needing a nap after lunch? Will my brain function at peak capacity, allowing me to tackle work and life with newfound clarity? Will I, dare I dream, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day?

I plan to document this experiment in weekly blog posts. I’ll be sharing my struggles and triumphs, the good, the bad, and the (hopefully) well-rested. I want to be transparent about the challenges, the occasional slip-ups, and of course, the amazing benefits (if any!) that come with finally prioritizing sleep.

So, are you ready to witness the transformation of a sleep-deprived 41-year-old into a (hopefully) rejuvenated and energized version? Tune in next week for the first update, and let’s see where this journey takes us! Remember, even small changes can make a big difference, and I’m hoping this experiment inspires others to prioritize their own sleep health.

Sweet dreams (and stay tuned)!

Steve 41 with cerebral palsy

What are you avoiding?

Do only do things when they absolutely have to be done?

Do you clean up your apartment only when you know you have guests coming over? 

What about renewing your insurance on your car the day it’s due?

These are all examples of things that I have done and I’m at risk of still doing.¬† I just don’t like doing them. My formula isn’t perfect but here are the things that help me overcome avoidance behavior.

  • Most of us who avoid things already know what’s going to happen if we procrastinate. The key is to remember that that is what’s going to happen and that will motivate you to actually do the thing.
  • Reward yourself. I know it sounds silly but even the small things tell yourself once I’m done this I can work in my garden, watch Netflix, or whatever suits you.
  • My mother always told me “You bugger around first and then you rush later, just get the task over with and then bugger around!” if you don’t know what the term bugger around means chances are you’re under 35 years of old ūü§£.
  • Recognize that you like to avoid things and make a conscious effort to not do it. This will be hard at first but if you work at a daily you’ll notice you procrastinate less and less.

I can guarantee that you’ll never be perfect. Nobody ever has been or EVER will be “Perfect”. Take this blog for example; Someone is reading this post right now and thinking about all the grammatical errors, misuse of words, and typos.

I think about that every time I write and I do the best I can but if I worry about it too much I will never blog. Which is why there’s a two-year Gap between written blog posts on this site.

I had too many people tell me about all my errors and instead of just fixing them I’m moving on I avoided writing blog posts for fear of judgment. Guess what? It’s not that scary to screw up. When people tell you what you did wrong just fix it and you get the heck on with your day!


5 tips to help you get refocused at ANYTIME!

Hey there, given the time of year it feels like this topic is fitting. I myself have been living in a bit of chaos lately. Here are my 5 tips to help you get refocused at ANYTIME! With the We Hate Stairs and making calls for a local financial advisor and then working Enrollment Resources as a business liaison I have been very busy. Not to mention I still find time to workout in the gym 2-3 a week, meditate almost everyday (at least I am honest, haha) and I also started Aikido a few months back.
I know what you’re thinking as usual I start off my post telling you all the things I am doing, right?
They sound like excuses, right? Well in a way they are! I don’t see it that way, but I could use all the above activities as excuses for a lot of things but instead I have decided to do a little mini series of 5 quick tips to improve different areas of your life with measurable results!

5 tips to help you get refocused at ANYTIME!

  1. Make lists! Not just to-do lists, make a have done list (so you can see your progress), also a list of all great people and things you have (this will refresh your view on life)
  2. Find a balance point in Aikido we are taught to connect with people and find their balance points in order to shift and move them. Find that point for you and make a move!
  3. Get a good night’s¬†sleep, 7 nights a week! ( I mention this so much because I struggle with it) I often short change myself during the week and on the weekend I waste my days sleeping.
  4. Good nutrition, Fruits and Veggies, drink lots of water make sure to eat enough throughout the day, but do not over eat. Listen to your own body and do what is right for you! If need be, consult a nutritionist or doctor to help.
  5. Go back to what worked, there is a saying I always liked “dance with who brung ya” meaning if something is working don’t change it and if it is not working go back to what was!¬†Remember that we have all had points in our lives where everything was going great and you were seemingly unstoppable. Take a hard look at what you were doing, who you were around etc. and hit the rest button!