10 tips to turn a crappy morning into a great day

It seems like this is the theme of the last couple weeks of my life how to turn around a crappy morning!? It’s never any ones intention (well at least most of the time) to actually ruin someone’s day; but we will have those instances where we get an email or a phone call or talk from a co-worker in the morning the throws it into a spin and there is a chance that it will  make us hate the rest of our day.

Well I’m here to give you 10 quick steps to turn your crappy morning into awesome day. 

  1.  Get up and get moving.
  2.  Drink a lot of water: this has been something that I have been lacking in my life a lot lately though is hydration. 
  3. Think of everything that you’re grateful for: make a list I prefer to do it on paper with a pen but sometimes it’s in my head!  Here is some of my list 😉  I’m grateful for my parents, my friends, my health my unique outlook on life,my desire to attack new tasks and always improve on a daily basis. 
  4.  Take some time for yourself: Plan at some point in the day to, maybe read a book learn something new!
  5.  Talk to a friend: sometimes just even telling jokes or saying something stupid with a friend you known for a long time for sharing old story is good enough to change your day. 
  6. Always remember that there are people out there that are worse off than you: and you owe it to yourself and them to not be a whiny little baby haha.
  7.  Keep your eye on the prize: focus on what you want in life and your ideal situation keep that at the forefront and your momentum will return 
  8.  Remember that you’re not the only one having a bad day: today there is inevitably somebody else out there that is having a bad day and yep I’m going to tell you they’re having a worse day than you. 
  9.  think of things that make you smile: I always like to think of a black lab or golden retriever or a baby laughing. (See told you, I know your are smiling) 
  10.  Do something Fun: everyone should have a favourite past time, something that centres them, something that no matter what they do they always feel good and they get pumped!  I love driving around in my car! Here are some more examples: listening to music watching TV, going to the gym or  watch videos on YouTube (careful this one can suck away your time). Whatever it is find that thing that centers you! Don’t let anyone or anything ruin your day just because you perceive something to be a negative when it was never supposed to be. Let me tell you something even if you did have someone trying to bring you down they can’t bring you down unless you let them! The most important thing to remember is don’t be concerned with what that chattering monkey in your head is telling you.  I now I give you permission to go have the most productive day ever. 🙂

We all have a crappy morning every once in a while  just don’t let it ruin your whole day.

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