I recently read a book called Action Selling by Duane Sparks. It is an entirely new way to look at the sales process. Don’t worry I am not going to short form the step and teach you the process here, what I am going to touch on is “asking questions.” This applies to our everyday life; questions allow us to get answers that we are looking for. We ask them in school, we ask them at work, we ask them in religion but we don’t ask enough questions when we are getting to know people.

Let’s say you want to sell someone something; well you don’t know what to sell them until you find out what they need, and the only way you can truly find out what they need is to ask questions.
Now we’ll look at an example for those not in sales. You want to by someone a gift for a birthday or special occasion, but you have no freakin’ idea what to get them!?! If make an effort to spend more time listening and less time talking, you’ll pick up on this person’s goals, desires and needs quite easily.

Everyone has experienced this. We all have had a friend that we have known for years and we always seem to give and receive the perfect gift, without so much as a word. This was no fluke, if you spend enough time with someone, listen, ask the right questions and genuinely care; you’ll form a bond that can not be broken 

If you want to build great relationships ask great questions; take a genuine interest in people and they will take a genuine interest in you.

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