Act as if…

This has been talked about in many forms and labelled many things: Fake ‘till you make it, imagine you are the person now that you want to be in the future. It all boils down to the same thing. I look at “Act as if” as a chance to reinvent myself whenever I choose to. The best part is the reinvention starts in your mind. You start with you programming your thoughts, then that changes your feelings and it is the change in how you feel that makes it all happen. So what I am getting at is, if you want to manage the clothing store you are in or want to become that star athlete, what would they do, think and feel? How hard would they work? Do you want it bad enough? Changes don’t happen over night and mostly importantly that do not always turn out the way you expected them to. However, if you believe enough in the goal and “act as if” everyday you will be one step closer to becoming just that!

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