In life balance is the most important key. In today’s world we all are going not-stop. Most of us who want to make a lot of money or do well at our job so we spend so much time and focus on work it is not healthy. Others do not have a lot of money but have great relationships with family and friends. So how do you balance everything?

1) Use work as an avenue to live the kind of “lifestyle you want to live, nothing more. Enjoy work, but know that it is a means to and end.
2) Have an ongoing, open dialog with family and work in order to let them know the importance of each.
3) Get enough rest, eat right and exercise. This will give you more energy to get more done in a day.
4) Then just like you set a schedule and make appointments at work, do so with family and friends. It will seem weird at first but it works and makes sense.

I will revisit this topic because I think it is the key to a happy life.

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