This is a subject that does not come up very often… I mean be honest, it is not really dinner conversation or something you talk about at the club. Some people say that forgiveness is more for the individual who is being forgiven, while others say it is for you. The answer? YES and YES. I fully believe that when you forgive, it benefits both parties. If you forgive someone the other person feels better and you give yourself an opportunity to possibly repair or simply build that relationship. Then you ask “well what is the benefit if I never want to associate with this person again?” That is your choice, but if you forgive before you disassociate, then you are letting go of those bad feelings, the tension and the hate.
All of the above are benefits.

The formula to easily forgive:
1) Stop being selfish, understand that the other person has issue and they lash out of do something because of their situation.

2) If you hold on to a grudge it will take a lot of energy (mental energy) you will get caught up in thought and give your personal power away.

3) Find the good, no matter who this person is or what they have done, they have good qualities… if not, then just forgive them to get the hate out and make room for love and compassion.

4) Talk it out, but mostly listen… ask questions and get genuinely interested; sometimes all someone needs is to be heard.

Thanks and “Make an Impact”

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