In order to succeed, you have to want success

I don’t mean “umm ya of course I want success”. What does that mean to you? Maybe you want a nice car, a house, a condo, a certain income level, a family… all of the above. Success is different for everyone and only you know what is right for you. Once you define what success is to you, you have to get excited about it and keep it at the top of your mind all the time. I say this because it is easy to be pumped about goals when others are pumped about their goals as well as yours. The trouble is that the other 95% is not pumped and doesn’t care, or worse they tell you those goals are silly and “only greedy people want those things”. I could go on forever about what the “other people” say, my point is; make your goal(s) so strong in your mind that the “other people” won’t matter. I look at it this way “My goals are so strong, the only way I will not reach them is if I choose not to. I will clear the air right now, you have chosen not to reach your goal because you have set a different goal; it is unacceptable to quit. You have to truly want success and believe in your heart that you deserve it! (You do deserve it)

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