Learn to love new challenges

I have recently shifted my attention to a new challenge. The Challenge of my new job. I got worried about the numbers, I got worried about all the information in the training; but the fact is I have no reason to worry about anything. It is simply a challenge, in a few months I will look and say “what the heck was I so worried about?” We all have had experiences like that in the past. So speed time up, in a sense and treat it like you are past this. If you can learn to love challenges nothing can stop you.

Here is what I suggest:

1) With new challenges comes growth mentally and emotionally; because you have to be stronger than you used to be to take on the tough stuff.
2) Get pumped that this challenge would stop a good portion of other people, most would give up or complain the whole time.
3) Think of more than yourself. You will learn more and grow, which allows you to pass that knowledge on to others. Also, for example with my new job I think of the value I will give others by doing this.

Think of challenges that way and you will no doubt “Make an impact”

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