To Do Lists

I can’t believe how much more I get done in a day when I have a list. I spoke a short time ago about the power of writing down goals. “To Do Lists” are used daily to help you get more done.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of “To Do Lists”:
1) It forces you to look at your day in a big picture view.
2) You organize your tasks to fit with your schedule.
3) You will get more done.
4) You will be less likely to forget something.
5) You get a sense of accomplishment when you finish something…and celebrate!

It is very important to get the biggest thing out of the way early, because then the day gets easier and the easier things get the happier you are. Everyone knows when we are happy, we are more effective and focused. Also it is very important too celebrate getting things done for the same reason. A celebration can be anything that makes you happy; it should be proportionate to the task, however.

Have fun with this and really rip through day(s).

Make an impact!!

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