Video killed the radio star!

OK! I admit it, I just wanted to awesome title for tonight’s blog. Most of you who follow me know that, I have started a new job and long story short: super busy, challenging and love it (well most of the time). I am learning that no matter what else I do… I always want to make a point of updating my blog. I truly believe it boils down to when if you want something bad enough and it is your passion you will find time to do it. Now on to the relevancy of the title; I will soon be dabbling into video blogging. I think with our time crunched A.D.D. society, video blogging is the way to go. Now I have a bit to learn about that process so for now you will still see written posts. I really value feedback so please let me know what you prefer; keep in mind that I will do both because I want to cater to as many viewing styles as I can. I also realize that as with my topics I cannot please everyone, but for my loyal mass ( that is growing) I know that without you this would not be as worth my time nor would it be fun and rewarding so thanks.

Please leave a comment regarding your preference: Video, written or maybe audio. I will be experimenting with all forms soon. (I hope 😉

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