With inconstancy comes Growth! And it’s OK

OK, I admit it, 42 posts the first year of my blog with only 8 last year; that was laziness. I believe all life-events  are positive IF you learn the lesson within them. “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift in its hands, you seek problems because you need their gifts.” ~ Richard Bach
So what did I learn from only posting on my blog 8 times last year?

  1. People who enjoy my blog were disappointed.
  2. I was unable to build any type of following because they never know when the next post will be coming.
  3. My inconstancy on my blog is a direct reflection of me.
The last one is very important because it simply means, I have areas to improve on in my life. I truly feel last year I was growing and changing so much I did not know how to react and therefore was uncomfortable about posting on here. This year I am growing still but I understand that it is important share times of venerability in order to let people in that can help you grow.
Just remember, be very careful who you confide in because support makes all the difference when you are growing.
Thanks and “Make an impact”

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