An over-thinkers guide to thinking less and enjoying more

Hi thank again for reading my posts. I have a secret to admit, I think a lot..OK,OK so that is not much of a secret to most who know me! Well recently I have really taken this on as a point of interest. Over the past few months I have been developing ways to stress/think less and enjoy more!

 Here is what I have learned about being and over-thinker:

  1.  If you have been this way for a long time it is really hard to change; BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE! 
  2.  If you have been this way for a long time, no matter how much you change 99% of the people in your life will not notice! Also they will pigeon hole you by saying a variation of the following “you have always been this way”, “why can’t you just enjoy life and go with the flow more” and so on!
  3. Over thinking tends to go hand in hand with talking out loud to come to a resolution. This is something to be aware because when you say something out loud, everyone hears it and more importantly YOU HEAR IT! (self talk is huge in how we feel and act )
  4.  You weren’t born this way it was learned in your environment and by the people you grew up with! 
  5. It will get worse, before it gets better! Meaning you will probably starting stressing, thinking and worrying more than ever right before a big change happens. This is good, embrace this 🙂

 Now the good part how to change this! Disclaimer: Change things in your behaviour for you and no one else!

  1. STOP TALKING ABOUT ALL THE STUFF YOU THINK ABOUT! ( find a better way), use a journal or voice recorder etc.
  2. MEDITATE! I encourage everyone to learn proper technique when meditating. Make time for this I meditate anywhere between 10-40 minutes A DAY!
  3. If you have certain people that are always there for you..ask them how they are the next time you talk ( chances are you talk more then you listen, make the effort communication is a two-way street)
  4. List everything you are grateful for IN THIS SPECIFIC MOMENT! This will help you be happier and distract your mind at the same time.
  5. Do the opposite of what you are urged to do, for 3 weeks at least! If you typical call a friend to complain or talk something out, don’t!, If you tend to get angry and beat yourself up, STOP; negative self talk is A DEATH SENTENCE ( it caused stress and anxiety, and we all know how detrimental those two are to our health!)
  6. Track your progress, facts do not lie! If you generally over react in a certain situation and this time you did not! Take notes! Nothing is too small to note when changing habits 🙂
  7. Stop caring what people think! Everyone tells me this ALL THE F@#%ING TIME, and it pisses me off, because no one truly likes being affected by others, but it happens!

Here are a few things that will help you stop caring what others think of you!

  • Stop asking for advice and they will stop giving it!
  • Everyone sees everything differently it is one opinion ( easy to say but hard to grasp)
  • Change up your routine 
  • Challenge yourself to not talk about your issues with anyone, JUST LISTEN AND ASK QUESTIONS
  • Quit trying to prove to everyone “how much you have changed and all the progress you’ve made. YOUR ACTIONS WILL SPEAK FOR THE CHANGES!




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