To My Dad

I don’t usually write things about specific people and I tend to always write in such a way that makes you focus on the lesson rather than those in it. Well today is different, today in honour of Father’s day, I write about my dad Wayne. Simply put he is a huge reason why I am the man I am today! His life lesson stick with me and ring in the back of my head every time I face a challenge, his example of perseverance and hard work is the reason Rollingmotivation exists and grows daily. My dad is old school in so many ways and I love him for it. All those hours he spent with me, helping me tie my shoes, put a seat belt on ( which I had to do at least 5 times each car ride, for practice), how to deal with a break up, how to fight for what I believe in and how to drag my ass out of bed and get to work just to name a few! I think the MOST IMPORTANT lesson dad has taught me and is still teaching me…is how to be a man…how to treat people with respect and courtesy, to hold open doors, to always pay the bill on the first date, to never let ANYONE treat me differently because I am in a wheelchair and how to be there for those you love and care about, night in and night out; because it is WHAT A MAN DOES!

Also thank you for teaching me common sense and making me a gear head! I look forward to learning many more lessons from you in the years to come….LOVE STEVE




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