Are you in control?

Over the past few months I have been battling the idea of “control” in my life. Think about this concept for a minute. I control what I eat, what I spend my money on where I go on vacation, books I read and people I spend time with; Is that where stops? Dr Wayne Dyer in his book “Wishes Fulfilled” believes that we don’t actually even control our thoughts, if we did, we could merely stop thinking; which is impossible! I observe thoughts and then can choose to and act on them or change them, but I can’t stop them!
So now I have accepted the fact I am more of an observer then a controller, I discovered something in myself. I want control, because I feel has though I can limit my pain and increase my pleasure in any given situation.
I have given a name to the random unproductive thoughts in my head “the chattering monkey” (it is not my term, I don’t remember where I heard it, but I love it!). Those thoughts that tell me “you can’t do that, you are too fat’, you will never find true love you are too intense and on top of that you are in a wheelchair; who in their right mind would deal with that on a long-term basis” etc. 
What the “chattering monkey” doesn’t like is when I take away his power. How do I do this?
1) Recognize that they are only thoughts they are not reality, YET!
2) As soon as I recognize the negative thought, I say NO and redirect my focus on the present moment.
3) Finally once I feel present, I implement good thoughts in place of the bad ones.
Stay focused on what you want in life, don’t let anyone take your dreams and simply love!

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