Do you compare others?

OK I have to clear the air right off the bat….Sometimes I’m an idiot! There I said it…but why you ask? Last night I made the mistake of comparing someone I care about to someone else. You might be asking, so what? Well the thing is I compared my friend to someone I don’t have the greatest opinion of. This caused an argument and undue stress for both of us.  I tend to think out loud and as a result I can get myself in some pretty sticky situations.
What did I learn from this?
1) When you compare people it is generally going to be perceived as a negative.
2) When you compare you fail to recognize and validate a person’s individualism
3) Comparison is judgment plain and simple and if you are judging others you open yourself up to judgment.
You can make the argument that we all have traits that make us like EVERYONE ELSE. I am lucky my friend doesn’t hold a grudge and nothing more will be mentioned of it. Not everyone is so chill. You could end up with a fight on your hands or even worse, lose the companionship of someone you care for.
If you do end up making a mistake and offending someone, OWN IT! Admit you were wrong and apologize and most importantly make absolutely sure the person knows all the good they bring into your life.
Our relationships shape you and break. Make sure you do all you can to nurture the good ones 😉

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