Everyday I’m Hustlin!

Some of you know the title of this post as a great song by Rick “The Boss” Ross, but I share it as a good motto for life. If you make it a goal to hustle everyday I think you will increase success greatly. I am not talking about rushing or hurrying around because I believe that can be very stressful. When I speak of “hustle” I mean a nice steady, crisp pace that you use throughout your day to accomplish tasks.
Three things to help you hustle:
1) Have clear goals or tasks that need to be accomplished that day.
2) Organize your tasks to maximize time and reduce travel. (If you have to go shopping, but you need to see someone on the other side of town; go shopping there and save travel.
3) Be sure you are aware of time. Don’t obsess about it, but just keep an eye on it so you can stick to a schedule.

If you do those things you will be surprised how you feel at the end of the day. You will get more done, feel a great sense of accomplishment and have more time to enjoy life!

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