Always be honest

Always be honest with people. The main person you want to be honest with is yourself. I always look inside for the right answer. You are the only one that can tell you what is right for you; the answer is based on your values. When I am asked let people know what I think. I always have facts or reasoning to backup what I saying; I don’t just say something and leave. My advice is be honest but be respectful and if you are asked to give your opinion, take a moment and think of the other person before you respond. Here is an example: Yesterday I met a gentleman in Starbucks, he uses an electric wheelchair and has severe speech troubles. We had a short talk and he asked for my phone number, I gave it to him. Shortly after he left another friend and I were talking about “what to do if he calls?” I decided that I will see if I can understand him on the phone and if I can’t, I will just be honest. Think about it, I could have told him no or “I don’t have a phone right now” or given him a fake number, but that is not fair to him and in my view it is disrespectful. You will be pleasantly surprised at the strength of your relationships if they have a foundation of honesty.

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