It’s important to party!

Over the last few days I had been feeling less then 100%, I had crazy headaches off and on throughout the day yesterday. I usually am quite aware of what is going on with my body. In this instance, however, I had no clue… I took Advil, I napped, I drank lots of water, I ate fairly healthy and nothing worked. So later that day I finally I muster the strength to go to a local networking event in the city that I was invited to. When I got there, I was still feeling like crap, but like my mother always says “you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve”; so I did my best to mask my ill health. Shortly after I arrived I starting mingling, sampled food and had a few drinks. I left that event feeling great and was on my way home, when I saw friends of mine in a local nightclub. I told myself I was only going to join them for a little while (after all it was a week night). After being with close friends and around great energy, I started to feel great. Of course I can feel great when I am out with friends, right? Yes that is true, but the good feelings carried on through today, I started early and finishing up late. So clearly for me I was stressed and I need that good time out, in order to clear my head.

The moral is all work and no play makes everyone unhappy. As with everything the contrast is also true, all play and no work is not good either. When you work, work hard and when you are having time alone, enjoy it.

I am not telling people that they need to party more often, it is simply put that often times a care-free night with friends, is the best thing you can do if you are feeling and negative, down or stressed. As always asses your situation and do your best to figure out what you need.

If you keep a healthy balance in life, you are light years ahead of “most” people

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