Thinking Hurts!

I love the name of this post…its funny right? It’s also very true… I have been working hard on thinking less and doing more. I mean is goes with out saying that you need to think things through before you make a choice, but many of us(myself included) think waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much about stuff. I often do not act when I should; this has cost me sales opportunities, jobs and generally frustrated me. So many people give themselves great credit, when they spend a large amount of time coming up with a solution to a problem, or an idea; but the fact is they suffer from paralysis by analysis. Now your argument could be “well have you seen those guys that just do stuff? They are crazy and sometimes, their solution is crap and it makes things worse.” True but that is only sometimes, often they are done one task and on to the next one, while others are still deliberating.

Don’t stop thinking, just take more action!

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