I rarely have an issue sharing personal information about myself, however this hits close to my heart. My Grandma is currently, battling lung cancer ( and yes the doctor’s say it is from smoking).
No one knows how long she has. Then I got to thinking; how long do we all have? I feel personally; if the choice must be made, between living a long boring life and living a short but meaningful life, I would choose the latter. I believe I am here, to help others from all walks of life, to improve and enjoy their days. I want and need people to understand that they have the ability to have, do and be anything they want. No matter what the future holds, my Grandma’s Legacy will live on through the people she has touched because of the unique way she tells stories, her laugh or simply the fact that no matter what is is going on, she always makes you feel better simply by being there. Cherish your relationships with family and friends, more importantly anyone who brings value to your life. Regardless of money, job, time or material things. If you have no one to share your life with, then what is the point?

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