The Awesomeness of Wheelchair Rugby

If it is not yet clear, my goal with this blog is to help people attain life balance. To be happy and successful in only one area, is ultimately going to be a personally destructive. You need to be physically active, have healthy social skills and great friends. Wheelchair Rugby has given me all these things. I get great exercise,which release’s endorphin’s to make me happy. I look forward to weekly practice so that I can catch up with my friends and hear about their lives. At practice we do drills and learn the finer points of the game, which helps with education and focus. The game for Rugby teaches you the importance of working as a team and incorporating everyone. Wheelchair Rugby gives you the ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and others. Everything I have learned from the game of Rugby can be applied to all aspects of life. I cannot stress enough the importance of joining a team sport like Wheelchair Rugby. It will change your life!

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