Motivating others

I had someone ask me how to motivate others. This is a subject we all struggle with. I used to have enough trouble motivating myself, let alone trying to motivate others. Well I have clearly been able to that because I found my passion. I found what I would do for free and I love it. I love helping people and seeing them succeed in every area.

Having said that you need to find people with reasons to succeed. Reasons to change their lives, reasons to put in those extra hours and work hard, you have to make goals attainable and believable; if they don’t have the reasons help them find the reasons. Above everything else people see and feel your passion. “Help enough people get everything they want and you can have everything you want” ~ Zig Ziglar

People will do unbelievable things if they want to and feel they are making a positive difference. So help people see their success, set small goals, achieve them and set new ones. Every goal should be reachable; however all goals need to stretch people. Make people better and better and better. Don’t worry about time lines, worry about them.

So be the path to people’s dreams and you will have huge success.

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