Self Education

I believe in education with every fibre of my being. I believe that every form of education has its place. I will be honest; it bothers me when people get a degree for the sake of getting a degree. It goes back to having goals and having a desired outcome. I mean the experience of going to school can change people; you can make great connections etc. I personally have a hard time, with say… working at Starbucks before you go to school spending crap-loads of money then getting your degree and working back at Starbucks because there are no jobs in your field or worst yet, your degree doesn’t make you more employable. Most decent employers would like you to have a degree so they know you can learn and are coach-able etc, but how do you help that whole process? Self Education! Read books, read blogs, listen to audio, go to seminars, go outside of the realm of structured classes and take advice from those, who have so much to give and teach. I will never consider myself to be the smartest guys on planet, but what I have done and still do is soak up knowledge wherever and from whoever I can. There are books published on every single subject imaginable, you can even go on the internet and learn a basic understanding of pretty much anything. I will always have contact with someone who is well versed in that area; so I can ask questions, clarify and learn from their experiences.

Go forth and get an education from the one person who knows you better than anyone, yourself!

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