No one cares about Rolling Motivation and that is O.K.

I caught your eye with the title, didn’t I? “No one cares about Rolling Motivation and that is O.K.”

Now obviously you are reading this so you like the posts or me or both and I thank you genuinely for the support!

So what is the meaning behind such a bold statement? It’s simply Rolling Motivation is very close to my heart, the posts are lessons from my personal journey! I have the belief that  you and others,  learn and grow from this material and advance your personal and professional lives; but beyond that Rolling Motivation isn’t exactly something that people really “get”. For instance I have given talks, ran workshops helped businesses with marketing and no one is beating down my door throwing speaking gigs at me (yet ;). On the flip side my other business We Hate Stairs  /Accessibility Consulting, people grasp right away! I have been in a wheelchair for 32 years and been in business for over a decade.

At first this was a big blow to my ego! I mean Rolling Motivation is ME, how can people not love it and promote like crazy? Then we look at We Hate Stairs and people say “oh ya that totally makes sense :)!”

Once I stopped a whiner, I realized people are right!!!! It is a lot easier to wrap your head around the idea of Accessibility Consultant, because everyone has a point of reference for it and they can quickly see how the business model helps, society on a ton of levels.

Long story short Rolling Motivation will always be here to help whomever comes across the material.
If people don’t get behind it and no one cares, IT DOESN’T MATTER! I help as many people as I can with EVERYTHING I do, I love people dearly, I am loyal to my friends and family, I talk a lot and above all every person that is important to me, knows it; and I tell them often. 🙂





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