Stay True

The reason you have not seen a recent post is because I got distracted from the true goal of this blog. I have always wanted a forum where I could share my ideas and help others. Some time ago someone approached me with an opportunity to get my blog linked to a larger sports website and all I had to do was write about that sport. I did so, I had to keep on making changes and soon enough I lost interest. Then life got in the way and before I knew it, I posted this 5 + months after my last post. How is that supposed to inspire others? Believe me I thought long and hard about this. The lesson for me and anyone else is “Stay True” I deviated from my original goal, and as soon as that happened, I lost that fire, that passion that excites me about these helpful topics, I stopped. So no matter what you get offered in life, consider if it will get you closer or further away from your true self.

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